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December 2004 - Ainol Company Established and our brand “Ainol” was released to market.
March 2005 - Ainol Electronics launched self-developed C9 series of MP3, officially entered the domestic MP3 market;
July 2005 - Ainol Electronics introduced the first color screen- MP3 C10 Series;
February 2006 - Ainol electronic introduced full metal cover -A6 series with Philips PNX0101 chip, caused sensation in the domestic Market, selling all over the China;
October 2006 - Ainol establish business corporation with more than 30 agents in Chinese market;
December 2006 - Launched classic colorful ultra-thin U20 series, selling until now, create a miracle in market life of MP3 product;
December 2006 - Ainol electronics moved from downtown Futian District to Longhua Li Jincheng Industrial Park to expand production Capacity, with the plant area of 3, 200 square meters, monthly production capacity expanded to100, 000 per month;
March 2007 - Introduced the world's first MP4(U60) with color display by Austrian core;
January 2008 - Launched the world's first MP4-T20 which support analog TV, pioneered the Beijing Olympic Games live market;
August 2008 - Launched the first 4.3-inch 800X480 resolution MP4-V3000 in the domestic industry, and lead national highdefinition MP4 market;
December 2008 - First launched the V3000HD with 10M code stream and 720P smooth play without colorblock V3000HD,lead the trend and make the industry upgrade again;
May 2009 - First launched full-format HD player with domestic CPU;
2010 - Launched Full HD concept to lead the domestic digital market continuously;
2011 - Launched NOVO8 Advanced with 1024X768 high resolution --Ainol first tablet;
2011 - Launched NOVO7 Basic -the only 7-inch capacitive tablet with Google CTS certification;
December 2011 - Launched the world's first Android4.0 OS tablet NOVO7 Paladin, attracted the attention of the world;
2012 - Launched NOVO7 Aurora, NOVO7 Aurora II, NOVO7 flame with IPS panel, leading the development of tablet screen;
March 2012 - Ainol tablet Korean show- "To the world" was successfully held in Korea;
2012 - Launched dual-core series tablet -NOVO7 flames into dual-core era of tablet;
December 2012 - Launched 10.1 inches tablet-- NOVO10 hero, still has its field in the quad-core era with stability and long battery life;
January 2013 - Launched NOVO10 hero quad-core, NOVO7 venus, entered into tablet quadcore era;
June 2013 - Launched 9.7 inch quadcore tablet- NOVO9 spark with 2048X1536 retina screen;
February 2014 - Launched 9.7 inch Quad Core tablet -P97 with 1GB RAM 16GB ROM;
August 2014 - Launched the first Octa core tablet Note7 & Note9, with 1920x1280 retina screen;
December 2014 - Our First 4G LTE tablet Gear was launched to market.
June 2015 - Our new innovation MINI PC box was released to market, also with Child Smart watch W1&W2.
February 2016 - Launched New Android Octa core tablet AX7, with 1920x1280IPS 2GB+32GB; New 4G 10.1 inch tablet AX10Pro;